weekend carpart-mass

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Hello all , ive recived the powdercoated parts from the shop today and im quite pleased with the results .
I’ve taken some photos of the current progress and some new parts thats going on as soon as i can manage .



last image display the spacers i got from simon . i know  they are not  wide enough for the large spring so ill ask him about this .

fun fun!


Fresh new start

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Hello, the current status is that the frame is finally back from the shop 6 months after i left it there . after the blasting there wasnt much left aparently . i just hope that the guys put it together without making it all skewed .
i orderd alot of parts from Simon in germany that arrived and is wating to be assembled and placed on the frame . including a fleichman spax-kit and all new bushings and wheel bearings . then i mounted new breaklines and new steel breakhoses from Goodridge onto the chassis. looking good now and next step for me is to turn in the a-beams to powdercoating aswell as the center wheelhubs .

Progress , disasembly stage finished

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engine removed


Yes its true , long awaited progress has finally been made, this milestone has breathed some much needed life into my project.

i have shipped the frame over to the specialists at CK car design in Nol north of Gothenburg ,   they will blast the frame then weld it and finally rustprotect it and paint it ..black .


frame at the shop


update ,

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Hi friends , updating this blog isnt really something im particulary good at
so heres a snapshot of current progress .
its been cold this winter and as we have limited heating in the garage working there is quite unbarable. waiting for the warmth to return

update , Separation complete

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 Hi there , last week i finally got the chassis separated from the body . it took some struggling especially since some previous owner had a fun time with the rivetgun and put random rivets all around the chassis to secure it against the body. but nothing a good old crowbar could´nt handle 🙂


it came off rather smoothly after that . without visible tears or cracks in the body . HPIM1288

 all that is left to do now is to raise the body aproximatly 30cm then i can slide the whole undercarrige out from underneith the body . since i placed it on wheeldollys its easily movable . then i will put it on struts and start dissasembling the frameworks . stay tuned .



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the Cable job

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Hi again
Yesteday i took some time after work and went to the garage again . This time with one goal , sever the last link between the chassis and the frame.
I cut the electrical wireing harness , 16 cables separated and marked then wrapped up in plasticsheeting to protect against the weather . pics will be put up soonish . The car is almost ready now for separation. lots of planning to be done
kind regards